Choosing and using foundation with vision loss

​For visually impaired women, beauty is tricky. If mirrors don’t help, you develop muscle memory of what goes where, the techniques are best mastered with coaching from someone like a Mary Kay consultant or Sephora salesperson, and you develop safeguards, like always running a remover wipe around the outer rim of your eye to make sure no shadow has ended up in your brows (powder loves to go places it shouldn’t, and we all slip with the mascara wand now and then). Unfortunately, foundation is a whole other level of mastery. If detecting subtle differences in shade is not your forte, then it might be hard to get matched. And if you’ve got streaking and can’t detect it, well then you’ll look ridiculous and never know it. Because people won’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you the truth.
​So here are my suggestions on the foundation front. I have tried powder, with the result of having fall-out on my favorite black tops. I have tried liquid, and had it streak without my knowing. Cream gives the best coverage, when lightly swirled on with a foundation sponge. I do mine in sections, blending into my neck and over my cheekbones, then my forehead and t-zone, then my chin and jaw, blending down to my neck. If you can’t afford to go to Sephora to be properly matched, my advice is to have a fully-sighted friend match your shade at the drug store, and tell them to match it with the skin tone of your neck, which is a good medium between face and chest in color.
​I got so frustrated with not finding a drug store match, because I’m fair but with warm tones, that I did get matched at Sephora. The foundation on the left, the cream format in a compact, is Cover FX, and my only truly pricey make-up item. I’m only okay with this because it gets used sparingly. The other is a Revlon liquid foundation, which I just dislike, because I find it streaky and hard to tell if it is actually a good match.
​My first step is to apply a concealer to certain rough-textured spots on my face, then apply a tinted moisturizer to my neck and jaw, which actually serves to contour a little in photos. When I apply foundation, which was matched on a day when I wore the ELF moisturizer, I make sure to blend into my neck, which you should do anyways.
​I have a challenge for my followers. The #MirrorlessMakeUpChallenge will show you what it is like to rely on muscle memory. I will film my version on Monday for my Youtube channel. If you watch it, also check out my fashion Friday from yesterday. Please share what you enjoy, and subscribe. If you want, blog or vlog about your attempt at the challenge. Let’s have fun! My channel is Vanessa Blackwood.

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