Review: urban decay vice lipsticks

​I only purchased two shades of the new Urban Decay Vice lipstick, but I swatched four of the six finishes in store. I have never been into sheer finishes, so when I was deciding which to get, I did not choose to swatch sheer or sheer shimmer shades. However, I have some thoughts on the other four.
I swatched:
• Alphah: a mega-matte raspberry pink; this is a lovely color that has great one-swipe pigmentation, though it drags a little
• Hitch hike, Perversion, 1993, and Gash: These are comfort matte colors. All of them apply silky smooth. Perversion is a rich black; 1993 is a grungy brown, and one of the two I bought; gash is a lovely deep red; and Hitch Hike is a rusty orange nude.
• Shame: This is a cream finish, berry jam color, a little like blood with it’s purple tones. I think I might go snag that one later.
• Conspiracy and Amulet: These are metalized. They have some shimmer; I got conspiracy, a coppery bronze color that we often see in eye shadows, but which is unique in lipstick. Amulet is like the lighter sister of Conspiracy. I would have tried Wrath, which was brought back from Matte Revolution, but they didn’t have it at my Sephora store.

I am providing a picture of 1993 and amulet, swatched on my hand, so you can see them. I have a light skin tone with some yellow undertones, so I might not be the best example for darker skin tones. I’ll link a good review by someone of a tan complexion.
I really want Hitch Hike, Perversion, and Shame at some point. This is a great line.

I own Bad Blood from the Matte Revolution line. If I compare 1993 to Bad Blood, 1993 has a silkier matte formula, less drying than Bad Blood.
I also want to note, and this is just my own personal taste, that I liked the Revolution packaging better. I think it is more sleek and attractive. Whether you agree with this is dependent on your taste.



2 thoughts on “Review: urban decay vice lipsticks”

    1. Sadly they discontinued the urban decay revolution line. But you can probably find some on eBay for higher prices, or on some beauty sites that sell excess goods from discontinued product lines. It can be seriously cheap. I read an article about two of those sites, though I’m having trouble finding the link. It was in allure.


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